Honey Badger Radio: Speshul Snowflakes

As a woman involved in the Men’s Movement, I’m often asked how it is that I came to be interested in men’s issues. Sometimes the question is asked with skepticism, because, after all, why would a woman be interested in the rights of half the sentient beings that share the planet with her? Sometimes it’s asked sincerely since the movement that’s billed itself as women’s voice in the world is also a movement that is virulently anti-male. And it’s not like many women are correcting that perception. So why did I get involved? Why did we–that is the women who make an effort to bring awareness and engage in activism for men’s issues–why do we get involved?
Join me, Karen Straughan, Della Burton, Alison Tieman and special guest, Diana Davison as we discuss why we’re involved in the movement for men’s human rights.

Show time is at 8PM Central Time.


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