Honey Badger Radio: Dr. Phil and the Feminist Inquisition

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Don’t be that guy. My strength is not for hurting. Men can stop rape. Hear what she’s really saying. She fears you. No means no. Teach men not to rape. Yes doesn’t always mean yes.

According to the people responsible for these slogans and catchphrases, one of the primary purposes behind them is this:

People need educating. What is consent? How is it conveyed? When is it vitiated, by circumstance, by morality or by law? How do you tell when it has been given? How do you tell when it has not?

These are pressing questions, according to feminists. Questions that require not only answers, but an ongoing “conversation” and campaigns of public education so as to affix those answers in the psyche of the average man…I mean person.

And what does this conversation sound like? It sounds like Dr Phil tweeting “if a girl is drunk, is it okay to have sex with her?” A simple question devoid of even the hint of an opinion, requesting honest responses from the general twitter-going public. A way to get a feel for where average people stand on this apparently contentious issue. Why did he ask the question? To research an upcoming show.

And what response did Dr Phil get from feminists? They collectively took up their pitchforks and torches, and barraged him with accusations of rape apology and misogyny, insinuations that he himself is a rapist trying to defend his behavior, and a change dot org petition demanding that he not only apologize for the tweet, but also devote a show to the topic. Um… okaaaayyyy…

They’re feminists, people. They don’t have to make sense. Especially since in their minds, Dr Phil is guilty of the gravest of sins. He is a man, and he dared to talk about something that might possibly have something to do with rape. What he didn’t realize is that Feminists own that word and that issue, and for a non-feminist, let alone a non-female, to speak about, or even have an opinion about, rape is blasphemy.

Join the three of us–that is, Karen Straughan, Alison Tieman and Della Burton–this week on honey badger radio, as we discuss Dr. Phil and the feminist inquisition, 6 pacific, 7 mountain, 8 central, 9 eastern daylight saving time.



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