As we start the countdown in earnest toward the March 1st launch of A Voice for Men Radio, it is time to announce some of the regular features of the show.
Today we start by introducing future listeners to an old favorite with a new twist, BINGO. Fembot Bingo to be more precise. (Credit to Duncan Idaho, Eternal Bachelor Blog)
Here’s the deal. Most all of us are more than aware of the typical, lackluster critiques of MRA’s by feminists, manginas and white knights. We’ve seen them for years redundantly making statements like “You can’t get laid,” or “You’re just bitter.” They do this so often, and to the exclusion of substance, that they give the impression they all have presidential teleprompters and a pull cord in the back of their necks.
There’s no reason to think any of them will come up with anything new or more creative. In fact, we can openly predict what those foolish enough to call in to the show will have to say. Since we know what’s coming, let’s make the best of it.
That’s where Fembot Bingo comes in.
By simply clicking through the image below you will be taken to a full size version of your very own Fembot Bingo card. Print it and put it up on the wall or other convenient place wherever you intend to be while listening to A Voice for Men Radio. Listen closely to the feminists, manginas and white knights that call in (as painful as it may be) and when they inevitably pull out those tired old insults, just mark it off on your card with the date and time.
When your card is full, and you are the first correct participant to notify me by email, you will be declared the winner, subject to verification.
Sorry, no money will be given out, but the winner of Fembot Bingo will be the lucky recipient of a new dart board and a set of very, very inexpensive flights, shipped to you by the cheapest means possible anywhere in the world.
But it is not just any dart board.  It will  bear the image of a very well known feminist icon.
Contest rules prevent me from disclosing who she is in advance, but I will give you a hint and tell you her name rhymes with:

Jessica Valenti

So print that Fembot Bingo Card out today and come back here often for further announcements. We are just getting started.

Artwork courtesy of Factory

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