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The Dr. F Show is back, and if you are part of the feminist mindset of hatred with a “number 11 crease” on your forehead then I am sorry about that.

For everyone else who are normal and are of blue or purple pilling then strap yourself in for two interviews and the usual segments of outgoing calls, ‘Post of the Week’ and ‘The Black Knight Corner.’

Our Greg Canning will be bringing us to speed with the nonsense up north, and I want you to meet Mr. Ram Goetz. He’s a film producer on a mission to make a film showing us abuse towards a bloke in a relationship.

In the meantime, you can go to here for a heads up about this. I sure did and I am now a slightly better person than I was already.

Listen in 11 A.M. Melbourne time this Thursday, or 8 P.M. Central American time on Wednesday.

If you think you can’t listen to the show then you better hide your chooks mate.

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