Dr. F Show: Big gobs


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There. That got your attention didn’t it hhmmm ?

Yes yes yes,  Paul’s name is on this short announcement, but it’s me, Dr. F, speaking to you right now and not him at all. The silly man actually posted this without reading it first. Wow, I mean c’mon… seriously ?

Anyway, just so you know, the Dr. F show will be bubbling and frothing out of your radio tomorrow Australian EST Sunday at 2 in the afternoon. That means 11 P.M. Saturday your time if you draw a line vertically going right through Texas.

The theme of the show is “Big Gobs”.  That’s right, big gobs and what this means to you and what it might mean to those other lot that are the “F Word.”

The show will be life… I mean live, this time, except for the phone calls I have made to some dickheads on the other end of the line. They have been recorded forever and ever and aren’t going anywhere just like me.

Our Jade Michael has recorded a song that will be played for the first time and will be the opening jingle forever, and after that you’ll be hearing an interview with an Aussie legend called C.J… I like C.J., as he is not as tall as me and I have more hair than him almost forever.

There will be original music and then “Post of the Week” and after that I might, (might) take your calls if (if) you behave yourself and talk about me (me) for most of the time.

A new segment called “Black Knight Corner” will be near the end and that’s where Mr. Amfortas and me (me) will be sitting next to a fire with our whiskey balloons filled with beer just reflecting on live… I mean life. Think of it as a five minute off-cut from a sheep’s ass that spent it’s entire life prancing about the daisies in heaven and only ate organic stuff forever.

Also of note!  Last week, just like Santa, I drew up a list of naughty boys and girls who did not actually listen to my show. Thanks to them, I have been spending the entire week bum rooting what amounts to an entire road-train full of chooks, mate.  Disgusting turn of events it was with all the feathers and the scratching and buck-buckaaawing. The cops thought it so funny, those bastards, they almost drove of the road while taking me to see the judge.

I have their names and badge numbers and I will not be giving them back – ever.

Also, I have better things to do and bigger fries to fish. So next time you think of not listening to the show, can you please spare a thought about me (me) and how I don’t like doing all this chickens and sex business ? Apart from anything else it’s embarrassing walking around in public with what looks like a kind of a strange feathery knob hat with a beak.






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