Debut of Honey Badger Radio: Cathy Young

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“Why can’t we all get along?” is the war cry of the immoderate moderate. You know the one, she tries to sell a softened extremism and chastises us for not adopting it.

She’s existed throughout the ages. Always trying to keep the peace by selling out someone’s civil rights and saying, “Wow, how ungrateful, how rude, how outrageous” when they catch on to the immoderate moderate’s schtick.

“Don’t they understand that they have to behave themselves before they get to speak?”

The immoderate moderate loves the idea of “behaving yourself”. Who decides what “behaving yourself” entails? They do, of course.

What gave them the privileged position of deciding acceptable discourse? Well… the very control the oppressed group is fighting to end.

Which is why the immoderate moderate isn’t a moderate at all. They’re extremists with an agenda to silence.

Join us tonight for the debut of Honey Badger Radio and our discussion of the immoderate moderate.

Showtime is at 8pm Central Time.



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