Bombing Sweden in three hours


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This is a show reminder that in three hours A Voice for Men Radio will be back on the air after a break in programming.

Tonight, Sweden, yep, the whole country, is on the chopping block. You can join me and cohost John the Other, with Dr. T on the phones for a look at what’s wrong with them there meatballs. You will also get a chance to listen to AVfM writer Kyle Lovett, who will be joining us on the show by phone.

For those of you who have been suffering withdrawal symptoms from the shows absence, this will be your need fix and then some. For any of you who have still not heard AVfM Radio, click on the link below, sign in to the chat room, and enjoy the audio version of FTSU.

The call in number is 310-388-9709. Those of you registered with the program can also join us by skype.

The show starts in three hours at 8:00 Central Time, US.




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