AVfM to interview George Christensen

Yesterday I stumbled upon a miracle. In checking in on my facebook page, I noticed that someone had posted a video on one of the group pages to which I subscribe.

The video was of The Right Honorable George Christesen, MP for Dawson, Queensland, Australia, delivering a speech relating to proposed amendments to family law for that country. And I am quite sure I am not the same person since the moment I heard him talk.

With courage and integrity I have never witnessed from a politician in my own country, or any other country for that matter, Mr. Christesen ripped through the lies and hypocrisy of feminist governance and exposed the proposed changes to Australian law for what they are; a Trojan Horse legislation designed to eviscerate the rights of men and fathers in that sovereign nation, mindlessly forsaking the needs of children and families in the process.

Mr. Christensen did not mince words, or speak in coded language or dance around the real nature of the problem. Each and every word he spoke was the brutal, unabridged truth.  And when they tried to drown him out, his voice rose higher, in both timbre and conviction, and silenced them with more of the truth.

This was a moment reminiscent for me of Adlai Stevenson staring down the Soviet ambassador during the Cuban missile crises in 1962, or of attorney Eugene Welch confronting Sen. Joseph McCarthy, effectively putting an end to his witch hunts with “Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

I was certainly not the only one moved.  I posted the video to reddit and the first response to it included this:

I cried when he talked about how fathers are having their children stolen from them through “family” courts and pushed to the brink. THIS IS THE TRUTH!

As the title to this announcement indicates, The Honorable Mr. Christensen has agreed to speak with me by phone for an interview exclusively for AVfM Radio listeners.  It will be aired this Tuesday, June 14th.

I am honored that he has agreed to this, but this is not enough.

We need to support this man.  So while we rejoice in the fact that someone has finally brought to truth to the floor of a western government, let us also remember what he has done come re-election time.

I urge our Australian readers and listeners to roll up their sleeves and help Mr. Christensen stay in office and carry his message; to help him with whatever means they can.

We all know the political, even personal risks involved with taking the correct moral stand against feminist ideology in such a direct manner.  And if he fails, or is taken out because of doing so, who will show his kind of courage again?

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