AVfM Radio: What if God was one of us?

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In a recent “experiment” I wrote an article on feminist influence in the atheist community. Given that the conversation that followed did not devolve into flame war between the Godly an the Godless, I think it turned out pretty well, and speaks to the focus of MRA’s, even those with vastly different views on religion.

What also came about in the discussion was an acknowledgement of the ideological parasitism that constitutes modern feminism, and how the philosophy mimics the characteristics of a virus in order to spread.

We thought this would make good discussion for the next episode of AVfM Radio, where we will examine how feminist ideology has begun to usurp the collective consciousness of a growing segment of the population that connect to each other based on their rejection of religion. And in that we witness the erosion of reliance on hard science and empiricism that many atheists would say is core to their system of beliefs.

Just as we have witnessed in some elements of the religious community, feminist influence has resulted in the undermining of the very principles on which these individuals rely.

While we will likely, predictably, need to over explain that we are not pigeon holing the entire atheist world, we do consider this show to be a challenge to vocal atheists to confront the pseudo-science, mythology and outright quackery that feminism is now bringing in to the realm of atheist expression.

Hopefully, before we are done, MRA’s of differing views will find more common ground, and PZ Myers will be limping to the drug store for some KY Jelly.



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