AVfM Radio: Murdering Vladek Filler

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We see a man, alone, hobbled by iron. He’s kneeling in the path of a tank, unable to stand. You can see his hands trembling, or maybe he’s beyond fear and watching his death with uncomprehending eyes.

It will crush him.

You know it will crush him.

You excuse the sight. If he fights he obviously is a threat and should be destroyed. If he doesn’t fight, he’s a coward who deserves to be crushed.

You don’t even know the context—why he’s in front of that tank—but you’re sure he deserves it. He deserves it, because he must deserve it.

Join us tonight on avfm radio as we discuss why men deserve to be ground to pieces by the system. And why you’re right to turn your head away, plug your ears and just let it happen.

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