AVfM Radio: VAWA under fire!

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As recently reported by SAVE, and editorialized by Phyllis Schlafly, On February 2, the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  That in itself is not remarkable. What is remarkable is that all eight Republicans voted “No” to the current Leahy version of the bill up for consideration.

Schlafly was quick to pronounce that this admittedly thunderous moment was an indication that Washington Republicans were “no longer intimidated by feminist demands.”

And she might be right. The typical leftist suspects are losing their minds. Both CNN and Huffpo are so bent out of shape that they are explicitly calling for the Obama administration to EMPLOY VIOLENCE against Republicans.

If Schlafly is correct, then we can start icing down the champagne, because if either party really qualifies as being henceforth unfriendly to feminist governance we’re gonna throw a shindig, the likes of which has not been seen since, well, since people started throwing shindigs.

But don’t get out your party poppers just yet.

It is clear that this is a big one. Bigger than big. A straight party line vote against the feminist owned VAWA behemoth is a monstrosity of a change in the status quo, no matter what the reasons. But just like we do with everything else around here, we are going to dig through the politics and other poop and put some red pill analysis on the matter.

We are doing our homework, folks. This ought to mean a very interesting episode of AVfM Radio. So be sure to tune in for yours truly, along with co-host JTO as we gladly sort out why eight politicians said no to the biggest, most invasive and important piece of feminist legislation ever passed.

Hell, this show is so special we got a doctor there, just to take your phone calls. And that ain’t no campaign promise.  Tonight folks. Be there.



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