AVfM Radio Tonight: Nullify!

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Tonight on AVfM Radio, the subject is jury nullification. Rather the subject is why we advocate for it in cases of rape, domestic violence, drug offenses and all other areas where state and federal governments across the western world have become more criminal than the people they are prosecuting.

Rape shield laws mean that in some trials a physical barrier, a literal protective wall, is constructed between the alleged rapist and his alleged victim in order to make the supposed victim feel safer.  It is the visible manifestation of the presumption of guilt put on display right in front of the jury. In other cases key evidence as to an alleged victims credibility is withheld. That’s just the legal, institutional stuff.

Add to that the immoral scheming and treachery of over-zealous police and prosecutors and you come up with one very undeniable fact.

There is no way any person sitting on the jury of a rape trial can know if they are getting seeing evidence of a crime or, or a state constructed circus side show. In that light, there are very few circumstances that justify a juror voting for a conviction when the obligation is to hold the evidence to a “reasonable doubt” standard.

And the problem is not confined to rape. From prosecutions of so called domestic violence to the war on drugs, the criminal justice system has been remolded into a tool for tyrants control the masses and satisfy the appetites of rent-seeking beurocrats and other state functionaries.

Fortunately, there is a way to fight back against this kind of malfeasance.

Tonight Join JtO and Paul as we dig deeper into the criminalization of masculinity and the criminalization of humanity itself.




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