AVfM Radio: The social contract

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The social contract is of course, the label for a view that an individual’s moral obligations are dependent upon a tacit agreement among them to form the society in which they live.

Between men and women, It was once – men are “superior” and women are “inferior”. Of course what nobody ever said out loud was that the inferior partners in that top to bottom relationship were the ones controlling the social identity and value of their superiors. Strong, large, and apparently in charge, men had the role of providers, protectors, and actors in the world, assuming risk, dispensing and absorbing violence – and when convenient for the interests of others, dying. In exchange – men got a social identity as humans. Fast forward fifty years, and that positive social identity is no longer a part of the deal, but the onus to provide, to protect, and die, we’ve still got that. So what possible answer can any of this have? Quite simply, the deal is off. The social contract is broken.


And for those who would like to join the post show gathering in the Stickam Room with JtO and GWW, it will start at the end of the radio broadcast.



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