AVfM Radio : the invisible business of slavery

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Tonight on AVfM Radio we will be talking about what everybody knows is a relic of the past, and not a feature of modern life. That most abhorrent and vile of human institutions, slavery.

We like to imagine that as modern citizens of a post enlightenment culture, we’re different we’re conscious and conscientious – shit, some of us go out of our way to buy “farmer friendly” products and “ethical” coffee beans – patting ourselves of the back hard enough to need a spa day and a professional massage afterwards. We also imagine slavery as an ancient, brutal, obsolete practice marked by whips, chains, and black men beaten or whipped for not picking the cotton fast enough, or for daring to speak up to their betters, their masters.

Like all human practices, slavery changes through innovation, becoming more efficient, and most importantly more invisible. JtO and GWW will be ripping the covers off tonight to examine the modern format of one of humanity’s most shameful and long lasting social institutions. The business of slavery.



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