AVfM Radio opens a new chapter

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AVfM Radio Network will enter a new stage of development next week. The AVfM Radio Program will continue on Thursday nights, hosted by John the Other. The program will continue its forays into the realm of men’s activism with John at the helm, microphone in one hand and chainsaw in the other. JTO is on the loose, so tune in and crank the volume up loud enough to get some blood on you.

Beginning Monday, March 12, 2012 at 9pm EST, Dr. Tara Palmatier and Paul Elam (in the unabridged and unapologetic, salty persona of Dr. Paul) will work together in an effort to deal with the issues that matter in men’s lives with women – in ways that matter most to men.

This is not a “relationship advice” show. You will still have to consult COSMO or Oprah for bad relationship advice. This show is about helping men understand the true nature of women, how to deal with them and how to thrive instead of living in daily survival mode. Think of it as Tom Leykis on steroids.

The first show this coming Monday is Shit Tests: How and Why to Fail Them with Finesse and Style.

Some men know that life with most women often entails ingesting their shit tests. They are part of the naturally occurring dance of power and control in many intimate relationships. They are also where many men’s spines will die slow, miserable deaths by a thousand cuts.

Dr. T and Dr. Paul will examine common shit tests, give you the lowdown on why they are happening and some solid suggestions on how to handle them. Not only is it okay to fail a woman’s shit test; it’s how you move to the head of the class!

This will mark the beginning of what we hope will be a relevant and important new age in which men learn that you don’t have to surrender your balls in order to be in a relationship with a woman and that, in fact, surrendering your balls sows the seeds of contempt in your woman and the seeds of resentment in you.


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