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Recently, AVfM Radio has experienced a sharp increase in listeners, both for the live shows and in the numbers of people accessing the show through archives. This is in no doubt partly explained by the expansion of programming with two male-female teams as anchors.

From John the Other and Girl Writes What we have a show that focuses on sociopolitical realities facing modern men, and from Dr. T and Paul Elam we explore more into the interpersonal relationships between the sexes, as seen through the lens of masculine counter-theory.

Since expansion and variety was an instant success, we have decided to use that formula to take the next logical step at AVfM Radio.

On Tuesday night, April 17 at 9:00 Eastern Time in the United States, AVfM Radio will launch the first weekly broadcast of AVfM News and Activism. The program will be hosted by James Huff, and will include news and opinion related to the week’s significant news stories that have an impact on the lives of men and boys.

James will also be covering events and pointing you to good articles throughout the man-o-sphere, helping direct you to the best possible reading available on men’s issues.

And finally, there will be interviews with MRA’s who are actually out there breaking new ground in the war against misandry, showcasing the living examples of activism in action that are paving the way for all of us to foster change.

“All of this serves as a backdrop to inspiring people to get out there and do something,” Says Huff, promising a show that is entertaining, informative and action oriented.

A Voice for Men News and Activism is the newest edition to the AVfM arsenal. We extend our thanks to James Huff for his willingness take a lead role as yet another general in the MRM Army.


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