AVfM Radio: is feminism just psychopathy dressed up

Today on AVfM, JtO and GWW ask the question – Is feminism nothing more than an elaborate political framework for psychopathy? Examining the produced outcomes of a half century of feminist activism, are active feminists anything except violent criminals – constructing a huge framework of smoke and mirrors to excuse ongoing violent and antisocial behavior? What is the difference between antisocial and violent behavior and feminism? Can a real humanist movement really generate this much hate, including public calls for male extermination, child abuse, mutilation? Would real humanists have laughed at the violent mutilation by Catherine Becker of her husband? Would a humanist movement engage in public parades and fly banners reading dis-arm the police, arm the feminists – and Exterminate men now. Would humanists persistently stage anti violence campaigns which ignore the demographic who is most victimized by violence?


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