AVfM Radio: Hypergamy – what every man should know


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Tonight, on AVfM Radio, get aboard the train to hypergamy! We are going to take an in depth look at how this social custom, rooted in our human sociobiology, examine why it used to work, and why it is now a source of the destruction of men. Of course all of this will be delivered with the expected red pill perspective, which of course makes us right about everything.

Also tonight, news on the FBI plans to expand the definition of rape, female firefighting applicants in Chicago that can’t pass a physical exam but want the job anyway, bad enough to sue for it, Amanda Knox and her international pussy pass, along with other very topical stories.

We will also be featuring an interview with Tom Manlack of the Good Mangina Project Magazine, with perhaps a surprise for Tom as well.

It all adds up to one great show, folks, so be sure to tune in live and catch it as it happens.  You can listen in here, and join us in the chat room for some behind the scenes banter.

And don’t forget, the call in number is 310-388-9709. You can also skype in if you are a registered follower of the show. And speaking of that, if you listen, but are not registered, it brings shame to men across the entire world from which they may never recover.

Cheers, folks, looking forward to getting your great calls.



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