AVfM Radio: Get her off that pedestal!

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We don’t have to sell this to a red pill crowd. You know all about women on pedestals. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt and outgrew it. But there is still an awful lot of salvageable blue pill men out there that could benefit from a better understanding of what pedestalizing, and especially depedestalizing, is about. The knowledge alone can make the difference between walking bi-pedal and upright, or crawling through a relationship getting your knees, and everything else, scuffed up.

Pedestals are not made of wood or stone, but human flesh.

Join Dr. Paul and Dr. T Monday night on AVfM Radios “show with no name,” as we discuss the many ways you can tell if she is on a pedestal and what can be done about it.

Once the smoke clears from all the non PC points we have to make what we are left with is the most important thing for a man to know. If the choice is between keeping her and keeping self-respect, only a moron keeps her.

But the sad fact is that a hell of a lot more then than will admit it sacrifice their self-respect in order to hang on to someone who also doesn’t respect them. And remember, this isn’t Oprah. No one here is going to give these men a pass on making bad choices. That is why they call them choices.

What we will offer, though, is the rationale for making better choices; choices that lead men back to their dignity and well-being, and that offer them the only legitimate path to being treated with respect by their partners.

As always, the call in number for the show is 310-388-9709. We would especially like to hear men call in that can tell us their stories on how they depedestalized a woman in their life.




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