AVfM Radio: Feminism as a tool

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Tonight, AVFM’s JtO and GWW take a high-altitude view of the most obvious opponents of the human rights of men and boys, namely the followers of big-Feminism. Much ink and many pixels have been expended in discussions of whether the movement named after females is one seeking their equal rights, or their supremacy.

The answer might surprise even some experienced opponents of what sometimes seem like a cult of sexual superiority. In addition tonight, we’ll be examining the motivations and behaviours of the superior sex, those who are sometimes compared to royalty, to goddesses, or to children, and in moments of clarity, to simple stimulus responders like flatworms.

In addition, AVfM introduces a new segment to the show : “Who Feminists Want to Murder his Week”.

Show time 8 PM central, 6 PM Pacific
The call in number for the show is 310-388-9709.



[box type=”note” icon=”none”]And a special announcement regarding AVfM Radio. As an added feature to AVfM Radio shows, we have secured a “Stickam” room. This is a video oriented group meeting area where listeners can register and meet after the show for live discussions.  Here is a video by Krazie316 explaining more. He is the official room moderator. Be sure to put your request in early as seating is limited. If there is a good response to this we will add additional rooms and moderators.[/box]


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