AVfM Radio: female entitlement fail!


Female entitlement, a subject near and dear to the heart of many an MRA, is often a target of the work we do at A Voice for Men. It’s an area of life that covers a lot of ground, from women expecting they are entitled to be wined and dined, to women that think they are entitled to cut off their man’s penis if he treats her badly, or if he doesn’t wait for her to cum, or if he wants a divorce.

Setting aside the more extreme examples of this brand of gender insanity, you are invited to join myself and co-host John the Other for a countdown of the top twenty Female Entitlement Fails (FEF’s) from recent times. From funny to fantastic to downright bizarre, we are going to deliver a truckload of narcissistic antics.  And of course, being MRA’s you will want to call in to the show at 310-388-9709 to tell us what we really should have selected for the show. So, gents and ladies, gather up your FEF examples, listen to ours, and be ready to have a few laughs at the decidedly feminine world of Meeeeeee!

Dr. T will be on the phones, of course provided she doesn’t suddenly decide she doesn’t have to answer them.



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