AVFM Radio: A Bigger Home and a Brighter Future

As many of you know, AVFM Radio has seen a big change recently. We moved away from Blogtalk Radio, removed AVFM News and Activism from our weekly line-up, and have adopted “The O’Hara News and Editorial”. Some of you are worried about the quality of the changes, and what this means for AVFM Radio in the future so we are going to set the record straight for all of our listeners.

The move away from Blogtalk was a necessity for the expansion of AVFM Radio. We could only offer up to three hours of programming per day in one time block.  We have begun to outgrow what Blogtalk can offer us. The intention of the staff of AVFM Radio is to provide up to eight hours of live programming per day Monday through Friday and four hours in the morning on Saturdays (U.S. Central Time specific).

Broadcasting our shows on Live365 was decided upon for a few reasons. We can broadcast twenty-four hours a day. We can broadcast continuous playlists of old shows. The quality of the broadcast has increased from 32 kbps mono to 128 kbps stereo, and the there are no requirements for show scheduling. The AVFM Radio Team can break into any currently playing archive with a live broadcast at any time.

Unfortunately, there have been some technical issues which have only recently been ironed out. Blogtalk provided us a chat. We have replaced the chat with a new chat room. Blogtalk provided us with archive hosting. We are currently in the process of finding a home for all of the AVFM Radio archives and are nearing a solution. Blogtalk provided us with a call queue. Finding a way to replace that was difficult on a shoe-string budget, but your AVFM Radio Team found a way to create a call queue.

The element of human error exists in the new systems set up for broadcasting on Live365. There are a lot more individual parts for the AVFM Radio Director to work with during a broadcast. Recording is done with a specialized hardware and software setup. This means the archives will always be of the same quality as the live broadcast.

The call queue requires chewing gum, duct tape, and baling wire to make it work, but the Director also knows that its reliability is entirely dependent on his attention to detail when setting up the system for a live broadcast. Any deviation in the required method results in dropped calls, dead air, and backroom discussions being aired live.

Please be patient as the Radio Director learns how to stand on one leg while touching his nose and reciting the alphabet backward. Eventually we will be able to provide a very well-polished product for our listeners, and please pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

We intend on expanding AVFM Radio operations in ways that will bring Men’s Rights to the electronic devices of thousands of new listeners. We will be providing more and specialized programming, greater quality, and even breaking news to all who tune in to listen. We can also continue to provide a voice to our listeners as they call in and engage the hosts on our live shows.

The main site will also be sporting some changes eventually. There will be a Live365 player on a specific Radio page as well as a monthly calendar telling all our listeners the times and dates of their favorite shows. With any luck, we will also be providing direct links to all the archives of every show we have ever had, all filtered for greater quality and converted or recorded in 128kbps.

Host a show – We Need Your Help!

This brings us to the best part. The AVFM Radio Team is proud to announce the start of an open application process for hosts and show ideas. Shows must be one hour long and broadcast between the hours of 8AM and 8PM Central Time Monday through Fridays.

We will be flexible in the scheduling, and can offer as little as one one-hour show in a week if so desired. Please send all submissions to Radio@avoiceformen.com. The Director will be contacting those with the best submissions for phone and video interviews. We hope to flesh out our programming and provide a variety of red-pill perspectives to the public.

Welcome to the new era in Men’s Rights media, folks. We have had a great run over the last three years, but now it is time to kick it up a notch. Let us raise our voices and take our message beyond the written word so the entire world can hear us. Let us provide information, support, and hope to the men and boys who need it. Let us smash the pendulum of gynocentrism together!

Please note: AVfM is in the middle of its Spring Fundraiser. Please help us continue to spread the message.Click here to contribute.

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