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We think patriarchies are violent because men are in charge. But every overt patriarchy has at it’s core a cult of motherhood. The more patriarchal, the more women are completely in charge of the raising of children, to the exclusion of men. So, are patriarchies violent because men are in charge? Or, are they violent because women are centred in the raising of children? If we even accept the cartoonish and simplistic popular conception of what a patriarchy is, and whether we live in one, who owns the violence in such a system? Is it Dad? Or is it Mom?

Tonight, Typhon Blue, The Wooly Bumbebee, James Huff and John the Other will be talking about the matriachal root of violence.
8PM Central Time, 6PM Pacific Time.

Call in number for the show is 310- 388 9709



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