AVFM News and Activism Show 4

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Tonight, on the fourth edition of AVFM News and Activism, we will be featuring University of Mississippi student and  MRA Ben Robinson.  Ben has made a name for himself on YouTube under the names Helperdogfromhell and ConnectingRod911 where he reported stunning examples of misandry at his school including videos about the Clothesline Project and more recently the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event.  Ben was instrumental in helping AVFM report on the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event by giving us first hand accounts and providing valuable information that helped us expose the avarice nature of the schools Office of Sexual Assault.

Robinson, a senior engineering student at MSU, has come under personal attack for being outspoken against the misandry on campus and has been noted by many as a prime example of a one man show when it comes to Men’s Rights activism.  We hope that his appearance on our show will encourage other student MRAs to engage in similar activism on their own campuses.

He will be answering our questions and yours so do call in at (310) 388-9709 .  Showtime is 9pm eastern 8pm central and as usual we will be featuring news and commentary before the interview.



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