AVFM News and Activism: NY CPS and Family Court


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Tonight we have as our guest Gary Trieste, the man recently made famous for having surreptitiously recorded two corrupt New York Child Protective Service officials during a meeting concerning his daughter, Anya.  The video, which has now gone viral, depicts him defending himself from two officials clearly clearly acting on behalf of the mother, not the child.

His daughter, age 7, is morbidly obese and on powerful anti-psychotic drugs at the behest of her mother, who has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder tendencies. Anya has been kept from him by the family court due to a cavalcade of false allegations.

Please take the opportunity to call in and ask Gary questions and perhaps share your experiences with the Family Court and Child Protective Services.

Showtime is at 8PM Central Time.



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