AVFM News and Activism: Justin Vacula

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Tonight we have as our guest Justin Vacula, atheist and blogger who is famous for his criticism of Athiesm+, a movement that purports to be about social justice coming from an atheist perspective, but in actuality is a feminist co-option scheme.  AVFM News interviewed Justin on Saturday the 18th during the Women in Secularism2 conference held in Washington D.C. which hosted many speakers Justin had criticized for their dogmatic views on gender and sexism in the atheist community.   We will be talking about the conference and the fallout from a highly controversial speech given by Ronald Lindsay, CEO of the Center for Inquiry, the organization that hosted the event

Tonight is going to be a fun opportunity for atheists from both within and outside of the MRM to call in and discuss Atheism+, feminism and Vacula’s treatment of both.

The show starts at 8pm Central Time on May 21st.
That’s 2am in London on May 22nd.



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