AVfM News and Activism Debuts

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Announcing the debut of A Voice for Men News and Activism!

Today, Tuesday April 17th 2012,  A Voice for Men News and Activism will have it’s debut show featuring hosts James Huff and AVFM News Director Robert O’Hara with guest Jade Michael, founder of Artists Against Misandry who will be taking calls.  Please join us for what is going to be an informative and sometimes entertaining look at news of the past week it pertains to men, Men’s Rights and the Men’s Rights Movement.

The show will air at 9:00pm Eastern time 8:00pm central so set your clocks in anticipation for what is intended to be one of your main sources of men’s rights news and commentary.  Your calls are important so please do check in early so you can voice your opinions and ask questions.

In the future we will be featuring mostly MRAs as our guests but will reach outside of the Manosphere  in order to bring more knowledge to the MRM as well as to challenge detractors and nay-sayers. Activism will be a key theme in the show and we plan on becoming a hub for activists to call in and inspire others to become active in the movement.

We hope that you make a habit of joining us.



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