AVFM News and Activism: Colonel Absconder

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Tonight we have as our guest Colonel Absconder, a relatively new but promising MRA Youtuber.  As is our tradition here, we prominently feature You Tube MRAs in order to promote and share Men’s Rights ideas and Colonel Absconder is prime for the list.  He is part of the school of younger MRAs that bring not only a fresh perspective but one that is crucial to understanding the issues that affect all men.  He has been a caller on the show and is a much more than competent thinker and writer.  

We will be talking about feminist co-option, misandry and whatever else comes to mind so please call in and join the discussion.

The show starts tonight, January 8th,  at 9:00 PM Eastern, 8:00 PM Central, which is 2:00 AM January 9th in London and 11:00 AM January 9th  in Brisbane.




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