Male-friendly song(I): Parazitii – Goana dupa iluzii

Male-friendly song is a project that purports to bring one non-English song per week with a red-pill message. Today we bring a song from the 20-year old Romanian hip-hop band, Paraziții (The Parasites) alongside with the translation of the powerful lyrics.

Parazitii – Goana După Iluzii
(The Parasites – The Rush after Ilusions)

Homeless man talking:

I was 22 years old when I got married. I made a mistake. I married an older woman who had three children of her own from a pervious relationship. Anyway, I got married, then later on I got divorced. The I started to pay child support, judiciary expenses and other bills. I eventually lost my house – in which I had a mental breakdown at the time. Back in those days I was working at the maintenance department in the Colentina trams depot. After the mental breakdown I was taken to the hospital and I was admitted and stayed in the hospital around 3 months in the recovery facility of the Bălăceanca Psychiatry Hospital. After that, I kept on working as much as I could and just when I got back enough on my feet financially to afford to rent a room for myself, I got fired!

Your woman is a stranger who fucks at work;
You no longer fuck her, you don’t have the time, you’re tired and she’s not a rock.
You still theoretically love each other – heck, easy to say!
But all that’s left is the habitude and the shadow of a reverie.
You get a vacation for 10 days in 3 years – it’s all for the money
And a common future created for the American company.
You give your life for the company
– get a bonus once in two months
You’re the best and if you cave in
We’ll admit you to the insane![1]
Three phones at once are ringing,
How bad! But you know you’re just in the beginning!
You hate the subway, get a leasing, pay the rent,
You live in the suburbs and think you’re happy for not living in a tent!
You have air conditioning and a LCD in your restroom,
But it’s a holiday when a cold beer and vodka awaits you home.
The banks are watching, pay up! It’s an insensible
System! We need to be bounded for the long run – it’s incredible!

Homeless man: At this point, I live on the streets or wherever I can. I’m begging, because I’m hungry, I’m thirsty and so on and I have no choice. But I don’t steal – I don’t believe in taking stuff from people by force. If they want to give me something, that’s great, if not… well,… life’s tough.

We drive with the legal speed,
We take our kids to school,
We have a fog on our eyes,
And an empty spirit.
We’re being treacherously lured into a lethal
Trap, we’re eager to climb up on an unreal
Social ladder. Time is money and only with money it awaits,
When you start climbing down, you’ll shockingly see it lacks stairs.
With your back against the wall and an insufficient credit,
You get wings of wax enough to fly out of the flat!
It’s indecent not to have an address in your ID, and this is how
The cops start running after you to beat ya!
The State wants to know if you’re well wrapped,
When you get to sleep in the park with 3 jackets covered.
Your fortune is a few small bags,
The nights are long
When you’re hungry
But you’re allowed to tremble free as the birds
Covered in cartons.
You no longer have a name, you don’t need it!
You’ve become invisible,
You’re a creepy homeless and a creep everyone calls ya,
It’s incredible!

Homeless man: It’s very hard to live on the streets and not having a place to stay and from that position to want to do something for yourself – yet you don’t have the financial possibility, first of all for the papers, for food, for personal hygiene – you need money for all of these.

We have luxurious mansions near filthy blocks,
Top class cars stopped next to wagons on the stop[2].
We have discos next to churches and cops filch
4 grades mayors who can’t even hold a speech[3].
In the Parliament there’s theft, sleep and millions are produced,
Down in the street there’s theft, sleep and hunger is induced.
The State takes you down, the State also lifts you up,
The State gets you down on your knees (then it lifts you up again?)
Nope! It makes you give it a blowjob!
We break the criminal code, of course,
For we’re many raised to create rumpus.
We have sunny days, we watch them from the window,
It’s not enough to be sunny
If you don’t have enough money
To enjoy the days in the shadow!
We throw ourselves in the life like we’re blind and chubby,
When children appear one no longer affords having a hobby!
With smiles on the face, with thoughts
And foams!
That’s how we live in Romania, with bads and goods!

Homeless man: A man living on the streets always thinks: I must struggle, I have to go there, behind the block or whatever the place where I’m staying is. Then I have to be fearful for either the police can come and hurt me or someone else who doesn’t like me. At one point, the idea of going to work emerges: But how? I need to be clean and fed in order to work. How will I maintain my job if I hadn’t got any rest in the previous night since I had no place to stay? It’s incredibly hard to maintain a job if you have no place to live.
The thing is that there are quite a few people who want to work and make something with their lives but they can’t do it now unless they’re a little bit helped.


[1] “Being admitted to the insane” = (Romanian expression) being forcibly placed in a psychiatric facility
[2] stopped on the stop = (eastern European jargon – existent in other languages as well) Stopped on the red light (stop = traffic light, semaphore)
[3] The literal translation of this verse is “Mayors who only graduated the first 4 grades and can’t even speak Romanian properly”. Graduating only 4 grades is considered to be de facto illiterate by Romanian standards and an elected official not being able to speak the Romanian language properly is held to high ridicule in a constant manner. At the moment this song was written (2007) the number of illiterate mayors was much higher than it is today and this fact was considered a national shame.

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