Team Kellett pulls fast one


In a startling last-minute development, AVfM received word that a backroom deal has been struck for Mary Kellett, the corrupt prosecutor in Maine. Giving as little advance notice as possible, a hearing for disgraced Bar Harbor prosecutor Mary Kellett was finally scheduled for the early morning of Monday, July 15th in Portland, Maine. This is some three hours’ drive from Kellett’s home territory of Bar Harbor. We have been informed by reliable sources within Maine that Kellett has arranged a plea bargain and will be pleading guilty to something, but no one is saying what exactly she will be pleading guilty to. Vladek Filler will be coming in to give a statement on what was done to him but is unavailable for direct comment to the press. In the meantime, it still appears at press time that Kellet’s boss, D.A. Carletta Bassano, will not be facing any formal repercussions for allowing a subordinate in her office to behave in such despicably illegal and unethical fashion or whether Bassano’s other employees have employed similar tactics and simply not been caught out yet.

At this point we believe it is of interest to everyone in the Men’s Human Rights Community to contact Maine officials with their objections; Kellett’s behavior is far more than unbecoming of a public official, it is outright corrupt and illegal and has doubtless resulted in more than one man being wrongly imprisoned in Maine. It is also fair to ask about Bossano’s competence as administrator and to ask what of Kellett’s conduct is typical of Bossano’s entire office in Bar Harbor or to Maine prosecutors in general. The fast scheduling of this sudden plea deal is also an affront to justice, giving Filler and others with an interest in the case little notice to appear and/or show support for ousting the corrupt Filler. We further suspect that locating the hearing in Portland and at such notice in the middle of July, when people frequently vacation, was done by design to minimize press presence at the event.

Gordon Smith, who was vindicated from a string of false allegations from his ex- in Delaware late last year, is attempting to attend the hearing in support of Filler and against the corrupt Kellett. We would also encourage others in the men’s community to attend the hearing and give a show of support and a report on events to AVfM and the wider men’s community. The information is here:

Judge: Maine Supreme Judicial Court Associate Justice Ellen Gorman
Hearing: Monday, July 15, 2013, 10:00 AM (might start earlier)
Location: Courtroom # 10
Cumberland County Courthouse
205 Newbury Street, Portland, Maine

Prosecutor Mary N. Kellett is represented an unnamed Assistant Attorney General. The Board of Overseers of the Bar is represented by Bar Counsel J. Scott Davis.

John Hembling is our AVfM coordinator for anyone who can make it to Portland, Maine in the early morning of July 15th, so people can meet up with each other and help each other to go. He can be contacted at the following phone number: 325-718-4635 and his e-mail address is:

We can’t let these people get away with this.

We also have a list of several dozen reporters we would like to contact and could use volunteers to help emailing all these reporters/media outlets so they know what’s happening making possible a greater chance of mainstream press coverage.

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Hearing schedule here.


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