Breaking News: Vladek Filler Just Found Not Guilty

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Justice has been served, to a degree. Vladek Filler was found not guilty of sexual assault of his wife, Ligia, and unfortunately was found guilty of one count of assault from an incident where he allegedly threw some water in his lying wife’s face.

A link to the news story will be posted with this as it becomes available.

[Update: Story here.]

AVfM and all of it’s readers extends our congratulations to Mr. Filler, though we do so with the sad knowledge that this ordeal, spanning several years, has completely destroyed much of his life.

While Mr. Fillers case should now be over, save whatever punishment the state will seek for tossing water, the problem of corrupt prosecutions, which in this case was carried on by ADA Paul Cavenaugh after Mary Kellet was removed from the case, remain.

Let this be the beginning of our work on behalf of Mr. Filler and other men like him, not the end of it.



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