It’s THAT Time Again…


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In accordance with custom here, I contain fundraising efforts to each change of season. As we just passed the threshold into Spring (Fall for those down under) it is time to pass the hat again and to ask for your continued support to fund the operations here at and A Voice for Men Radio.

This is my least favorite activity here. Being a more or less standard, testosterone poisoned control freak I don’t like asking anyone for anything. Fortunately the desire to keep this thing afloat and even make it grow more overrides my fragile male ego (yeah, right) and hit you up for some of your hard earned bucks.

Yep, time to ask you to dip into the beer fund (or college fund if you insist) again guys.

All kidding aside, we are finding out that the particular niche that A Voice for Men is carving into the men’s rights arena has a price tag. It comes in the form of a radio show, mucho associated hardware (with many needs not yet filled) and the desire to do more. S.A.V.E.’s example with the recent press release gives me a lot of evil ideas for the future, but press releases cost money.

All in all, the growing AVfM system is evolving into quite an impressive organism that squanders my sleeping hours, financial well-being, social life and often my peace of mind with equal abandon, and I like pain enough to want to keep doing it.

But simply put without your help I can’t on the level of intensity that I would like to.

So for those of you who can, ladies and gents, I would very much appreciate a visit to the right side bar to one of the donation buttons (either one time or monthly subscription) or a check or money order sent to the PO Box address that is also listed there.

Thanks in advance to all those who give.



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