Girl Writes What on the Mary Kellett Hearing

As you all know the Mary Kellett hearing has been set for the early morning of July 15th, monday of next week in Portland Maine. It’s expected she’s offering a plea to avoid a lengthy trial that might bring to light uncomfortable truths about the justice system in Maine.

Maine’s Bar referred Kellett to the State Supreme Court after the Bar found her guilty of 9 counts of prosecutorial misconduct and conduct unbecoming an attorney. The original complaint that compelled the Bar to make this ruling against Kellett was her 2009 prosecution of Vladek Filler, during which Kellett withheld and concealed evidence in order to obtain a conviction. You can find more information about the Filler case here, here and here. [Need more? Do a search at A Voice For Men on Mary Kellett or Vladek Filler. Don’t bother with the MSM, they aren’t interested.]

The Violence Against Women Act contains grants to encourage mandatory arrest and prosecution policies, increased convictions, and harsher sentencing in cases where men are accused of violence against women. As a result, federal dollars are being made at the county level by railroading men with false allegations and this kind of prosecutorial misconduct.

When the law contains incentives to increase pursuit of these cases, with no safeguards to discourage malicious prosecution, corruption and tyranny is the inevitable result.

Malicious prosecution is destroying our freedom (actually mostly men’s freedoms) and we’re footing the bill for it.

But I’ve said enough, Take it away, Girl Write’s What!

Editor’s update: you can find info on where the hearing is right here: Hearing schedule.

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