Your opinion needed


After encountering some site management problems I have met with Alek Novy and team regarding the future, technically speaking, of this website. It is clear that after two years of using this particular theme it is rapidly approaching the time for a general overhaul. Quite simply, we have outgrown what the site is capable of and need to engage in some rebuilding. That will mean some cosmetic changes to the site’s appearance, but much of the work will be internal.

For example, our commenting system is bulky and antiquated at this point, but we have had difficulty changing that in our current theme.

In looking ahead to the changes it also provides us an opportunity to make some adjustments to the way we approach some issues. Commenting is one of them. Your input on this is requested.

We have always walked a thin (and sometimes blurry) line between closing ranks among MHRAs in the comments — while we remain cognizant that fostering as much open discussion as possible not only provides a great way to vet ideas, but it also helps spread the message of this site, which is why we are here.

It has not always been an easy call, and I have to admit a strong bias toward making this a strictly MHRA friendly environment and a place where people, particularly men, can come without having to wade through a ton of “man up” and “eww, you hateful misogynist” comments, in order to read and exchange ideas with fellow MHRAs.

I am sure at times I have leaned too heavily in that direction, but to each his own on judging that one.

I bring this up now because with the upcoming changes to the site, one possible direction we may go is with a much more inclusive commenting system that allows features like direct, unregistered commenting from social network sites like facebook.

That is a two edged sword. On one hand, doing that has great potential for the viral marketing of AVFM. On the other hand, it will open the door to trolls, idiots and their hybrid children, feminists.

I am sure you see the dilemma.

So, we have a decision to make here, and I don’t think it is appropriate to make it without your input. I am committed to setting aside my own thoughts on this one and going with a clear majority, should one emerge, from the people that have already bothered to register with the site an invest in commenting here. It is, after all, the house you built. You should have, as much as I am able to ascertain your collective wishes, the final say in how this goes.

So what shall it be, gents and ladies, open, come what may commenting, fostering an open environment complete with Einsteins and Frankensteins? Or the more predictable, safe, and perhaps less dynamic environment of the past?

We are going to start with the changes in a few weeks, so your input now will help a great deal in how we proceed.

Please take this opportunity to state your opinions. Even if a clear majority does not present itself, I intend to make a decision on this in a way that reflects the desires of those who chose to speak up as closely as I can.

Thanks for your considered opinions. PE


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