Wielding the Ban Hammer


It has been an interesting week to say the least. I have been enjoying the spectacular scenery and people of New Zealand, and have been donning the flak jacket here at AVfM much more than usual.

It’s all good.

But I do think I may be in for another round. I have decided to ban Peter from posting here. I actually hate to do it. I feel sorry for Peter (which he has never asked for) but the nature of his posts are just too distracting, questionable and often just plain bizarre to allow this to continue. The pic he posted in Merrick’s last piece was too much, and prompted complaints from readers whom I know have no interest in excessive censorship.

So if anyone wants to take a shot at me, or walk because you think I am being too heavy handed, feel free. I won’t even respond to defend myself.

Either way, I don’t want readers grossed out by sick comments and pictures every time they log on.

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