Vanja Krajina placed on offender’s registry

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Vanja Krajina has been placed on the offender’s registry at

On November 16, 2012, Krajina participated in a protest at the University of Toronto against a talk being held by Dr. Warren Farrell on problems faced by men and boys. Krajina, who apparently is not a University of Toronto student, but who was acting in concert with members of the University of Toronto Student Union, was video taped shouting epithets and obscenities at young men who were attempting to attend the lecture. Among the invectives she used was “fucking scum” and “fucking rape apologist, incest supporting scum.”

The protest eventually turned violent, requiring police to remove protesters from doorways they were blocking. The violence was supported and defended by the University of Toronto Student Union, a recognized University of Toronto organization with a history of promoting disinformation and violence.

Also present at the protest and supporting the violence that happened there was the organization CUPE, the Canadian Union of Public Employees.

Several students from the protest and members of the University of Toronto Student Union remain under investigation related to the violent protest.
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