Toronto offers $1,000 reward for those triggering false alarms

On April 4 2013, the Canadian Association for Equality,  C.A.F.E., held an open discussion around the different forms of sexism. This time it was at the Ramsay Wright Laboratories and the title of the event was “From Misogyny & Misandry to Intersexual Dialogue.” The scheduled speakers were Drs Paul Nathanson and Katherne Young. Once again it was time to crank up the University of Toronto Student Union’s fear-factory false alarm brigade, who tripped another fire alarm during the lecture, sending emergency services into action for nothing.

I want to speak specifically to the gamblers of other people’s lives. You are dangerous, bordering on lethal; not in a tough-guy kind of way, but in an adolescent, toxic-to-society kind of way.

You are cowards, so driven by blind hatred that you can’t even recognize what discussion was going on. You feel you owe society such a duty that you put people’s lives at risk. You did so without, of course, asking them, engaging them in dialogue, or considering the people who might have needed emergency assistance for real while you created a wild goose chase in the name of silencing free expression.

University of Toronto now the scene of repeated public safety offenses

Just under the fifteen minute mark into the talk, the infamous ‘hero’ of the University of Toronto Student Union’s feminists triggered it for the second time in a row. It caused emergency services to be dispatched and forced people to exit the building, again.  It caused money to be wasted, again. And most importantly, it caused innocent lives to willfully, needlessly, and consciously be put at risk, again. It was another roll of the dice on people’s lives in the name of bullying an entire society.

The seriousness of the possible outcome(s) of the false alarm is serious enough that Canadian lawmakers have legislated some penalties for it.

First the Criminal Code of Canada;

“437. Every one who wilfully, without reasonable cause, by outcry, ringing bells, using a fire alarm, telephone or telegraph, or in any other manner, makes or circulates or causes to be made or circulated an alarm of fire is guilty of

(a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or

(b) an offence punishable on summary conviction.

R.S., c. C-34, s. 393;1972, c. 13, s. 31.”

Fairly serious stuff, and it is what’s known as a hybrid offence which gives the Crown the option of prosecuting one of two ways. If the crown elects to prosecute false fire alarm pulling indictable, the offender can serve up to two years less a day. The prisoner will serve time in a provincial jail. Not a nice place to live and you do not receive the same privileges as you would in a federal penitentiary.  If the Crown elects to prosecute summary the courts will go easier on you, less time, possibly a fine with some community service.

From there we can move to the municipal laws. According to the City of Toronto by-laws, they have some fairly hefty fines in place for those who think its fun or a good idea to disrupt free speech this way.

§ 79-19. Interference.24
No person shall impede or interfere with or hinder the Fire Department in the
performance of its duties.

Which goes on to stipulate further on down this gem;

§ 79-22. Offences.27
Every person who contravenes any of §§ 79-12 and 79-13, 79-14A, 79-15 and 79-16, 79-
17A and 79-19 to 79-21, inclusive, or who contravenes an order made under § 79-14B is
guilty of an offence and on conviction is liable to the penalty established by the
Provincial Offences Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.33 (as may be amended or replaced from time
to time), being on the date of enactment of this chapter, a fine not exceeding $5,000
exclusive of costs.

It’s a possible $5,000.00 addition to your expenses. That is really going to bite into those trips to the bar if you’re a student. If not it’s still a fair chunk of change to interrupt a lecture for about 20 minutes. That is what could happen if the Crown elects to prosecute summary. It does not mean you escape jail time either. Summary convictions can and do carry the possibility of incarceration.

But we are not done yet.

The City of Toronto, whether you know it or not, has a bounty on your head in the form of a reward.

Probably a good idea to reproduce it here, it might motivate someone to identify you, which might save some live(s)§ 433-1. Amount of reward.

A reward of $1,000 shall be offered and, if accepted, paid to any person who supplies information leading to the conviction of any person or persons who wilfully, without reasonable cause, make or circulate or cause to be made or circulated an alarm of fire within the city of Toronto.

Finally, the City of Toronto also has a bill ready to be served on you. It is a charge of $350.00 per vehicle per hour for the use of emergency services. All that is required is your name.

A name with a bounty on it.

I’d say life just got a little more interesting for you.

At future events, AVFM personnel will be monitoring fire alarms in the building with video surveillance. If you are caught on camera, we will identify you and file complaints with local police.  We will also post those police reports, along with your name and image on the front page of this website. That should be of interest when future prospective employers Google your name.

Oh, and the reward money? We will use it to buy more cameras.

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