To all AVFM contributors



We are in the process of cleaning up and organizing the admin. At this point there are 74 articles which are in “draft” version, which indicates to editors that they are not complete. Articles are only reviewed for possible publication when they are in “pending” mode, which signals to editors that you are through with them and are ready for them to be published.

We genuinely want to publish as many quality articles as possible, and there are some good ones in draft version right now, but we can’t publish them until they are officially submitted.

If you are an AVFM contributor, and you are wondering what has happened to an article that you placed in the admin, it may be because you left it there in draft form.

At this time we urge all contributors to check the admin and either trash or finish and submit articles you have there.

On Friday, May 10 at midnight, Central Time US, we will be deleting ALL articles in the admin which have been sitting in draft version more than 24 hours.

Thanks for your cooperation. PE


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