It’s been a busy week, and indeed a busy month for the men’s rights movement. The public displays of hatred and violence by feminists at the University of Toronto talk in November by Warren Farrell continues to deliver insight into what’s motivating an apparently violent and hate driven opposition to anyone attempting to address the human rights concerns of men and boys; concerns so real they’re gloated over by lionized gender ideologues like Hanna Rosin.
For reference, Rosin launched herself to international fame with a preening, strutting presentation given at the Technology Education and Design conference called Ted Talks, in which she celebrated the escalating exclusion of men and boys in what is now a feminized education system.
And that’s what Dr. Farrell was addressing on November 16 to the roar of a crowd of feminists – remembering that feminism is all about equality, screaming – among other things, “Fuck Warren Farrell,” and the repeated claim that in spite of acknowledgement of the reality the core issues even by opponents of this human rights movement, that we’re secretly lobbying to legalize rape, and grave robbing for carnal purposes, and promote violence and round up all the wimmin-folk and send them to the sammich mines.
But burned into all of our memory is the image of a comely young woman screaming and spitting at a 26 year old man she didn’t even know that he was “fucking scum, fucking rape apologist incest supporting scum.” Like the other violent, hateful, hard core opponents to the recognition of male human beings as human, as deserving human rights – this spitting and cursing hate monger has been identified. Vanja Krajina is her name.
And as we’ve published the names of other young, violent individuals who would condemn boys and men to continued marginalization and institutional prejudice – we are being criticized, excoriated and vilified for doing so, because public sentiment might fall against those who publicly cheer for the suppression of free speech, who openly gloat about the dis-enfranchisement of male students, and who hide when challenged by their own lies about the true human rights goals of the MRM.
That’s called accountability, and it’s a good thing.
In fact, the 26 year old man who weathered that torrent of “you are fucking scum” from the young and hateful Vanja Krajina wrote an open letter to her, which I will summarize here, and then address.
He forgives her. He acknowledged that she wasn’t just having a bad day, or operating from misunderstanding – and that she really and truly meant to do him harm. But he forgives her, and even invited her to reach out to him, offering a clean start, total absolution and let’s be friends. He points out, quite correctly that as an adult, a world traveler and a man, he is not much harmed by the hurled insults of an entitled elite.
I certainly admire this man for his forbearance and mature disposition. Indeed, I have great respect for him. But he is incorrect on two particular points. The first error being that for Krajina and her ideological comrades – it is not only self possessed adults like our stoic young man who must weather the abuse of violent and hateful opponents of basic human rights.
It is every young boy in our society, growing up and being educated in a system which regards masculinity as a defect, as a pathology. Yes, our stoic, self possessed traveler of the world and student of life can shrug off such abuse, but what about those who can’t, such as children whose identities are forming in such a toxic climate of hatred?
The other problem with automatic forgiveness and the benign offer of an open door and a clean start for our young hateful woman, and millions of her ideological fellows, is that this forbearance, this forgiveness, this indulgence is what created her.
It is this kind of enabling that created two generations of women for whom no accountability was ever attached to speech or action. It is how we arrived in a world which young, attractive, middle class women can be reasonably expected to be, behind their smooth youthful faces, the proponents of a violent, irrational hatred. It is how we have helped foster a determined entrenched, and publicly supported opposition to the universality of human rights, freedom of expression, and support for the hatred of an entire sexual demographic – simply because they have a Y chromosome.
The absence of consequence, the absence of even a concept of personal accountability – and the endless willingness to forgive, to smooth over, to accommodate generations of horrible bigots is exactly what made their bigotry flourish.
This is the enabling and indeed aiding and abetting of hate and violence. And with all the respect in the world for that young man for his forbearance, and for what appears is a motivation of kindness and tolerance, he has added to the problems face by other men and boys.
The endless excusing of what really boils down to an embedded, ideologically driven hate and learned sociopathy by individuals like Krajina – cultivated by a lifetime of enabling, forbearance, and detachment from any personal accountability, is a problem as significant as the hate itself.
The price to be paid for continued forgiveness, continued tolerance of more hatred from the adherents of the gender ideology with a half century of rising dominance isn’t simply the verbal abuse that the average young man can shrug off. It is the immersion of children in this hate, and an increasingly dysfunctional society, in which hate and violence in support of populist mob prejudice is not just normalized, it is characterized and treated as something good.

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