Time to refuel, march on

If you are reading this, it means that the dreaded date of 12/21/12 has arrived, and the planet is still here. We are not done yet, it seems.
Aside from the predicted Mayan End of Times, the date also has the more important distinction of being the last quarterly fundraiser for AVfM in 2012. That’s a good thing, Unlike the apocalyptic dud that has generated so much buzz for so long, we are actually in a time of monumental transition. Or, at least by the look of things, the beginning of it.
Before I give you my appeal to reach in your pocket for some of your hard earned money and pass it this way, let’s take a brief look at what the donations that fund this site have already created.
AVfM, thanks to being a magnet for people rich with both talent and heart, can now irrefutably claim to be the most robust, organized and influential instrument of activism directly and exclusively on behalf of men and boys that has ever existed.
That is not a “Mission Accomplished” banner, by any means. But it is proof that the mission is finally underway.
Aside from the fact that website traffic has exploded in recent months, and that the AVfM radio programs are now on track to reach 40,000 listeners a month in a steady pattern of growth, there are other indicators of our increasing reach.
In the last two weeks I have been interviewed by Canada’s National Post and Toronto Observer, and those articles should soon be released. We don’t know for sure what their slant on us will be, but we do know that the shock waves we sent through the college communities, particularly in Canada, are still reverberating.
And we are far from done there.
Recently columnist Peter Lloyd, who has remarkably managed to bring a straight up MRA perspective to Mail Online, has referenced this site giving us more exposure, and pushing the MRM message further into mainstream consciousness.

Maybe it isn’t the world that’s ending. Maybe it is something else.

He was also gracious enough to include me and AVfM in an article for the European version of Esquire on male reproductive rights that will go on sale at the end of February.
Managing Editor Dean Esmay made a groundbreaking appearance on Huffington Post Live, and for the first time a mainstream broadcast outlet took some of our issues seriously.
We are beginning to tip the scales, folks. AVfM is playing a major role in ending the hegemony that feminists have owned for 50 years on the discourse about sexual politics. We are arriving, and they are powerless to stop it if we just keep pushing ahead.
Take a moment to imagine the implications of that.
AVfM has also formed a Judicial Accountability Committee, with dozens of volunteer activists, who are acting as a counterpunch against misandric courts and state functionaries. We are getting results there, as most of you know.
I am not much fond of predictions. But I am going to make an exception today. 2013 will be a massive year for the men’s movement. I think we will look back and see that the foundation we laid in the years before resulted in tangible progress.
It has always been my contention that in order for the men’s movement to gain real traction, we would have to figuratively grab ideologues by the collar publicly and rattle them till a little humility set in; that we must inspire many more people by presenting a widely seen public example of men and women that would not be bullied or shamed into silence, and who would, in fact, stand up and call bullshit on the destructive consequences of the hateful, elitist ideology known as feminism.
I don’t have to tell you that the world is noticing.
I also don’t have to tell you that doing this requires financial support. Hosting costs, image rights, radio time and legal fees are substantial. They are even more substantial now that we have increased the activism.
The bill from Randazza Legal Group related to the Joel Kirk case alone was almost $2,000.00.
Keep in mind that our attorneys are remarkably fair with us and sympathetic to the fact that we are an activist organization without mainstream financing.
So, good readers and activists, the time has come to ask you again to pitch in for the cause, and help us finish what we started. We are picking up steam, perhaps even more quickly than some would have imagined. But we can’t afford to slow down now.
I truly feel we are on the cusp of something great.
We are grateful this year for an early start. A $500.00 donation from the online activism godfather, Angry Harry, and a $1,000.00 donation from a supporter who wants to remain anonymous, are already in.
Thanks in advance to the rest of you who will help us Feed the Fire., on behalf of myself, JtO, Dean Esmay and rest of the editorial staff of AVfM.
The donation button is at the top right of this page, as well as a link to the mailing address through the “Other Options” button.

Donation drive ends midnight on Saturday, December 29, 2012

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