I’m a day dreamer. A muse. I’m often not here, but “there” instead. It got me into big trouble as a school boy. It still does as I’m on the harsh end of the cultural zeitgiest, being a western male.

Occasionally I like to deliberately daydream and see what comes to mind. I know that only when folks ask the right questions, do they get the right answers. Questions don’t fall out of the sky and into our heads though. We need to take time to think them up.

Recently I had the luxury of time on vacaton to do just that. =So recently I dreamt up some questions which I offer here. They are questions which in turn are designed to provoke MRA’s imagination and discussion.

So here goes, in no particular order of importance, just how they came up in my mind:

  • What if men drop out in huge numbers globally – like Japan’s “Grass eaters”?
  • What if the non-hormonal male birth control pill is used by most men?
  • What if male studies takes off as an academic discipline? (ref)
  • What if the non hormonal male birth control pill is used by men to selectively breed only with non-feminist women?
  • What if men started using quick-dial communication to signal other men instantly when in misandric situations?
  • What if lots of men insisted on learning male health in colleges and universities?
  • What if there was a website specifically set up to notify consumers of stores and companies which discriminate against males so consumers can take their business elsewhere?
  • What if men formed the National Organization of Men – NOM?
  • What if someone opened Men’s health shops stocked with everything from Viagra to walking sticks (with inbuilt gizmos: GPS, MP3, men’s radio)?
  • What if men’s sex toys (fleshlights etc.) became as common as women’s (vibrators) and men held sales parties with some proceeds going to veteran’s and men’s health?
  • What if men formed associations globally with for example: USA Men’s Rights Activists, Japanese Grass-eaters, UK Fathers for Justice, and Indian Men’s Rights Activists meeting annually under one roof for a week?
  • What if MRA launched a prison rape awareness campaighn called “Black ribbon day”?
  • What if male use of pinhole videocameras for self protection became commonplace? (ref)
  • What if men advertised being part of an organization called “feminist watch” with bumper stickers, lapel badges and tiepins (proceeds to men’s health) ?
  • What if men create an underground DNA paternity testing and counselling movement for those places where DNA paternity testing is outlawed ?
  • What if boys got superhero comics, video games and movies with MRA messages?
  • What if boys sports coaches taught game as well as sports?
  • What if men’s retirement villages became commonplace where male elders created centers for male history and culture?
  • What if someone developed “a Voice for Boys” website and radio show?
  • What if someone created a TV channel for boys?
  • What if groups of men targetted infant male genital mutilation centers with graffitti, street protests, video camera surveillance and online exposure of personal and public health warnings?
  • What if men formed men’s holiday clubs to retreat and connect their collective experience whilst learning how to effectively be even more MGTOW?
  • What if someone started an organization to raise awareness of the horrific male suffering for gratuitous entertainment in contact and extreme sports?
  • What if a rock supergroup focussed on MRA was created?
  • What if someone developed a website with an easy on the eye checklist comparing political candidates male friendly/unfriendly policy?
  • What if someone opened a store/franchise full of food and beverages designed specifically for men’s health ?
  • What if a thousand men find they are dreaming similar dreams, and it becomes ten thousand, a hundred thousand, a million, a billion men?

Sweet dreams everyone.

Dream links :
Japanese grass eaters – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDaQa8YDSFQ

Male Studies – http://www.malestudies.org/

Men’s club – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091508/plotsummary

International Men’s Movement – http://www.the-spearhead.com/2010/11/05/spearhead-exclusive-international-mens-movement-bursts-onto-europes-political-scene/

Prison rape – http://www.hrw.org/news/2009/06/23/us-prevent-prison-rape

Paternity testing – http://www.dnatesting.com/

Infant male genital mutilation – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKKW3J1krHg
Men’s health foods – http://men.webmd.com/features/food-men-10-foods-boost-male-health

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