Summer donation drive

Well, the summer heat has started turning the humid city of Houston into a massive sauna, which means the seasonal AVfM fundraiser is here again.

It is an annoying necessity for which many of you share credit. Because of the intense involvement of reader-activists, AVfM has grown faster than any of us ever dared to imagine.  The first way we see this is with traffic. For the “old timers” here, most of you will remember back to when we posted the visitors globe announcing our first million visits. The globe was installed on the site on July 3, 2010. We hit the million mark on November 2, 2011, after almost exactly 16 months. A very good start indeed. Unless, of course, you consider where we are now, with the globe just about to hit two million visits.

The second million took less than half the time.

I must admit to being happy about that. And it points to another valuable measure of success.  Anyone who pays even slight attention to what is happening in the world of gender politics knows two things. One, virulent feminism is spreading like the clap in a bordello. Two, the dialogue about matters of gender politics, e.g. false rape culture, domestic violence statistical chicanery, the abuse of boys, father’s  and other issues is finally making its way into the public arena. It is happening despite the rising choir of hateful voices emanating from places like the SPLC, trying to silence us.  Maybe even because of it.

As should be obvious, a real change in the public discourse means an eventual change in the game. That was the intent of AVfM from the start, and we are fulfilling the plan, though we do have a long way to go. We have been remarkably successful in my book, especially given that we don’t have the confiscated money of tax payers or female consumer culture supporting us like the opposition does.



What we have is you, and that has yielded slow but steady progress.  A dedicated, private server, image rights, internet radio services and attorneys are a costly but necessary part of what we do. All of these expenses are recurring. So with that, please consider helping us continue to do this necessary work.

A bit of good news here is that the last fundraiser was so successful that it has allowed me to revise fundraising goal for this quarter down by two thousand dollars. The donation button is to the right near top of page, and the new address for mailing in donations is posted under “other options.”

As always, thank you in advance to those that donate, in any amount, to the fight that this website is now leading on behalf of men and boys, and in the name of justice.

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