Submission Rules and Guidelines for AVFM News


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AVFM News is currently seeking to build a world class news service in order to provide a useful and informative source of news for people interested in Men’s Rights issues.

The following guidelines have been implemented in order to cover, adequately and competently, issues that other news outlets do not provide. AVFM News encourages all readers to seek out and share news stories with other readers and the men’s rights community in general.

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  • All submissions to AVFM news are subject to approval and editing from AVFM staff.
  • Articles must be grammatically and factually correct for consideration.
  • Strong language and/or editorializing is prohibited in all news articles as well as personal attacks on all persons whether or not they are public figures.
  • No less than two sources, preferably three, should be cited in the articles as an appendage or as a hyperlink in the text.
  •  Sources must also be quoted in the text.
  • Articles should focus on men’s rights issues, broadly defined, and not be a reflection of the writers personal or religious beliefs.
  • Article titles should be no more than eight words long with the capitalization of proper nouns.
  • Excerpts will be featured beneath the title on the home page and should be considered for how much they attract readers to the material.
  • Brevity should be the goal of every general news story in order to facilitate reader interest and for their convenience.
  •  However, investigative reports and informative articles that are more than ten paragraphs long are welcome as long as the content is pertinent, informative and interesting.


Of course, solid references and factuality are mandatory in investigative reports. You may submit an article directly via email to AVFM news at

Regular contributors will be given administrative access to post at will only after they have proven that they can consistently provide well written and informative news articles that follow submission guidelines, as well as demonstrating awareness of the presentation of opinion articles that also reside on the site. Personal confidentiality and maturity will be important factors as well in the decision to grant administrative access. Instructions for posting in an administrative capacity will be provided.

Robert O’Hara News Director A Voice For Men



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