Some early Christmas cheer

Mr. A enters the room with a satisfied smile, warms his back by the blazing fire and turns to face his friendly audience to hail forth a hearty commentary –

“Absolutely ace!”

Mary Kellett is getting slam dunked for her moronic criminality.

And she thought she could hide it forever in this day and age too!  Hah!

Just in time for Christmas. Another notch on the belt for the AVfM community.

Cheers! Yes, let’s drink to that.

Pass me another glass would you?

I want to toast the outing of the University of Toronto bigots as well.

This cake tastes wonderful, doesn’t it? Richly spiced, and nicely filling too!

Oh look! The word misandry is turning up in more and more online newspapers, videos and blogsites!

Care for some more sauce on that pudding?

Nice to see the increasing proliferation of Youtubers producing MRA videos as well, don’t you think?.

Looks like 2013 will only see exponential growth for us.

It’s hard not to feel smug isn’t it?

What a wonderful feast we’re having.”


It was grand to recently see the comment thread on Emma Claire (Kadey) growing beyond my capacity to keep up with my e-mail service telling me there was yet another posting on it.

I glowed with satisfaction seeing comment after comment knowing each comment meant another and another and another link to her name for search engines to drive it up to the very top of their search lists.

In my mind’s eye as this happened was a kind of glorious circling of the wagons in defense of men. The occasional deranged feral feminist did try to break into that circle with sick infantilizing ideas about ‘harassing’ ‘girls’ by publicizing their inhumanity and hatred.

But wonderfully every time such ill-conceived nonsense was beaten back and made to look stupid with an ease and fluidity which added extra glisten. And all of it beaming outwards, outwards, outwards….. to an ever expanding readership as it was all ticking and whirring away like merry-o being stored on servers globally for posterity as a rich database detailing yet another aspect of feminism’s depravity for generations to come.

And the cast of characters in this alternative media show(down) with feminism was perfect.

There was Warren Farrel, the epitomy of Mr Nice guy. The soft spoken erudite perfect sort to be contrastingly juxtaposed next to the mob of incoherant snarling vitriolic bullies who required police control.

Then following up there was the femme fatal figure of Emma Kadey, whose bright red lipstick you could easily imagine containing poison from which to seal the kiss of death. And those sick smug eyes glaring at herself narcisistically in the camera lens of a self taken photo.

Very Betty Davis film noire.

Eyes which viewed the world as a place in which to exercise feminist inspired male eugenics, nazi style no less.

Then there were the police caught in a maelstrom, the likes of which they had obviously never experienced before, battling to deal with a baffling mix of faux sensitive hysterics and over aught patronizing white knightery which went way beyond anything the most white knight amongst their own ranks could ever conjure up.

Pure Jerry Springer, this one.

There was also the sensationalistic script replete with all the most up to date buzz phrases too – rape culture, incest apologist, hate speech, advocacy, trolling, and even a new one for us to mull – doxxing. Impressive script writing – sort of a cross between Californication and those more high brow think tank shows which analyse current affairs.

We even had our very own secret agent too – Agent Mauve, who moves through shadowy corridors capturing corrupting evidence with which to take down the bad guys. Beautiful.

It had it all – sex, violence, political intrigue, espionage, philosophical musings, rapid fire repartee, wizened witticism, bravado, lunacy, lunacy and more lunacy.

All in all a damn good show which has all the factors for being a smash hit.

If this goes on for much longer like this I only think some Hollywood types might come sniffing around and actually serialize it.

We’ve seen odder things happen right? So why not?

Anyhow, overall the best damn Christmas season advertising for the Men’s Rights Movement I could wish for. Santa was very kind to me this year.


What excites me a great deal is knowing the power of the internet, and of MRA internet users – thus the increasing ease of spreading media which outs these bigots.

It is only going to increase exponentially too!

Feminists don’t have a hope against such collective power, as everybody with a smartphone video camera becomes a news reporter.

Forget the fear of CCTVs some folks have. That’s small fish, and growing smaller every day.

Consider this. Everybody is becoming a walking CCTV these days.

Heck, I have 8 year old kids in some of my classes using such technology already.

I’ve been reading online recently about data transfer speeds of 10 Gigabytes per second inexorably becoming commonplace.

10 Gigabytes a second – Wow! Knock me down with a feather!

Now I’m not really techie enough to know when and where and how soon exactly.

But I do know this much – as we are finding with the Mary Kellett scenario, and the University of Toronto and other recent situations, our ability to record, report and transmit is making the MRM an inevitably increasingly potent force against feminism.

And for that I’m grateful and inspired with optimism.

On that cheery note I wish everyone a truly Merry Christmas. from an MRA.

“MMMMMmmmmmm! So tasty!”

Well done folks!

That turkey got basted perfectly!”

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