Setting priorities


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Being at the helm of AVfM has always been more than just running a website. It is a constant and sometimes frustrating juggling of priorities, stress and conflict; it can be (and has been) life-consuming. Before this starts to sound like finger pointing at my own website for the stresses it brings, let me fully own that I have been obsessed with these issues for a long time.  I needed to say that before saying that I am increasingly experiencing the toll from all this on my health and even my state of mind.  I am also sure that the years I spent sedentary and smoking while chained round-the-clock to a computer have taken their toll as well. I don’t feel too well these days, folks.

So here’s the deal.  I have quit smoking for a while now, but there are other changes I need to employ if I want to be around for a good bit longer than the near future, at least with the gusto to continue the work here. Diet, exercise (for my body as well as my brain) and something other than activism in my life are now musts for me. I have run out of excuses and room to procrastinate.

That means I need to make some changes, today. It means I have to make cuts. None of them are easy.  Starting today, I am suspending operations of AVfM Radio.  John is fit and capable to do the show, but unfortunately cannot control the show studio from a Canadian locale. He could, however, make it work if there were a conscientious, reliable and known MRA who would step up to the plate and produce the show. It would not require you to be on the air, but would require your “show must go on” commitment.

Once I have adequately addressed the health issues I am experiencing, I will return to the show on some sort of modified schedule.

In the meantime, I will continue to perform the day to day operations of the site, as well as hopefully writing one or two articles a week.  John will sit in as chief cook and bottle washer during this time. Until I feel like I have retaken ownership and control of my health, that is all I am going to be able to give.  My goal is to be an activist till the day I die. Meeting that goal was never in question, but I would like to add some quality and maybe even some time to that objective.

I appreciate your patience and support during this time of change.



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