Revelations: Suzanne Venker!


Join us TODAY, Saturday 17 August 2013, for Revelations with Erin Pizzey. This week our special guest is noted conservative traditionalist author Suzanne Venker. Her current book, How to Choose a Husband, is sure to cause some sparks with many members of the men’s community, although Venker has often shown genuine understanding of at least some of the issues faced by men and boys in today’s misandrist times, including in her book The War On Men.

Joining Erin and myself this week will be A Voice for Men’s News Director, Bob O’Hara. We’ve warned Suzanne to expect some pointed and frank questions, not least of which is, why should men accept the contract of marriage at all, given that men frequently have everything to lose and nothing to gain from entering into it? We expect a lively discussion and we hope you will join us with your own questions and comments.

Show time is 4pm London time, 11am Eastern US, 10am Central. Please join us!



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