Repulsive rise of a malicious male movement

“There has been a growing internet movement of ‘men’s rights’ activists, Pick up artists and others who call themselves ‘the Manosphere.’ While it’s still small it has changed the way hateful ideologies function.

It’s no secret that for the past few years there has been a dramatic assault over women’s rights, re-opening questions that were thought to be settled for decades.”

So says the Kos Moniker[1],
appointed to monitor
the antics of online malefactors.

Reporting on crime
before Deadly Daily Kos Deadlines,
conflating unrelating pastimes.

The pick-me-up artists,
and men’s rhyming martyrists,
colluding to stir online trouble.
A war on the wymins
and the ironing of kittens,
and queries formerly finally answered.

Do humans have rights?
Or just women upright
– and who has a free pass for raping?
Is VAWA fraud clear,
or more politics of fear,
and purposeful narrative shaping?

Tho we don’t call ourselves a sphere,
what’s evident here
is a hopeless muddle of issues.
Clearing up messes
of sammich miners in blonde tresses,
and mannish evo psych misuse.

But Moniker has a theory
which he spells out un-clearly,
reassuring that all will be well.

Tho techniques tend to work
– it’s all underground lurch,
so to propagate petulant hatred.
And he’s got our number,
and blundering wonder,
how will we continue our plan?

Pretending to help men,
behind closed doors and then,
plotting to legalize rape.

Moniker is confusing
human rights and girl wooing,
in a story so screwy with spin.
Eat alfalfa male spouts
in your shed, and shout
opposition – to re-legalized rape for the win.

But moniker states simply,
what men’s movement implies
of masculine damage invisible.

People don’t care;
but the MRM’s rise has them scared,
and reacting with cartoonish rhetoric risible.


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