J4MB confront Rabbi Daniel Berkowitz of London, “Known Genital Mutilator”

Rabbi Daniel Berkowitz has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at neonatalcutting.org.

Recently confronted by Mike Buchanan of J4MB at his “practice,” Berkowitz is speechless when told mutilating baby boys is criminal:

From his website circumcisionsmohel.co.uk:

Rabbi Daniel Berkowitz

“Mazal Tov
on the birth of your son!

Looking for a professional Jewish Mohel for Brit Milah/ Circumcision in North London,South London or elsewhere in the UK, Europe and beyond?
Welcome to the site of Rabbi Daniel Berkowitz, the north London Senior Mohel. To arrange for a Brit Milah/circumcision appointment (all clients welcome) either at your own home or at our private clinic – please give us a call. We offer competitive rates. The service is caring, personal and professional, with full support, pain control and aftercare. All designed to deliver the guaranteed satisfaction that you are looking for. We are situated in north London on the boarder of Hackney & Haringey in Stamford Hill. So why not join our thousands of satisfied clients and give us a call today.

Don’t be too sure that thousands of your actual “clients” are “satisfied.” Few victims of genital mutilation are.

Further on at the website:

About Rabbi Daniel Berkowitz:

I am a Certified and registered Senior Mohel and have been practicing Bris Milah-Jewish circumcision for more than 25 years. I am a member of The Initiation Society, approved by the London Beth Din and The Union of Hebrew Congregations. My Rabbinical studies were in Israel and after graduation I continued further Rabbinical and Medical studies here in the U.K.

I have been practising Bris milah and Circumcision and training students for more than 25 years and have performed thousands of circumcisions, for all age groups. Today my work still involves babies, infants, teens and adults.

I perform circumcision both in this country and abroad, including Israel, Europe, USA, Hong Kong, Former Soviet Union and more. I was very much involved with circumcision in the Former Soviet Union, where I performed many adult circumcisions together with Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Wienberger, Dr Morris Sifman OB”M and Reb Yisroel Stern (Brudi) OB”M.

Personally I have trained a generation of new Mohalim, who are now successfully in practice themselves here in the UK and also in Israel, Europe, Canada and the USA.

Working to precision is my pride and I demand a very high standard of myself in both surgery and hygiene. In my work, the results show little scarring and the healing time is reduced to its minimum. My approach delivers aesthetic results that are most desirable and pleasing – a result of many years of practice.”

You may have a “high standard of surgery and hygiene,” but no standard of ethics or human rights. These infants that you circumcise are not consenting to potentially deadly unnecessary surgery.

From “Circumcisions Service” we have:

The circumcision is done using the most up to date and most advanced traditional method. There is hardly any bleeding and the dressing is small and light and removes itself, making it much easier for you. The circumcision is virtually painless, this is achieved by using a topical and non-invasive anesthesia application. The traditional method is also the fastest and most hassle free method, being quick, safe and with virtually no pain. It has the best safety record unlike the ring, cap or any of the other methods and is the shortest in time by far.

The Circumcision is extremely safe and complications are negligible. The method used coupled with the many years of experience and our complication free record, makes us the best choice for circumcising your son.

During the circumcision the baby lies comfortably on a specially designed and modern circumstraint, removing any need for outside assistance. Thus also shortening the time of the procedure to a minimum, only a couple of minutes.

There is no way of knowing if “circumcision is virtually painless” and I’m not so sure that the “fastest and most hassle-free” method of this mutilation is a good thing.

Actually, scarring results in 100% of circumcisions, so complications are not “negligible.”

Under “Brit Milah” we see:

Rabbi Daniel will take you through the service giving a running commentary so that you will feel in touch with the significance of what’s taking place. From the Godparents, inviting Prophet Elijah and to the Naming ceremony, its all done in a most moving atmosphere both touching and rewarding, connecting one’s soul to the child’s soul, to the Jewish nation and to God.

Brit Milah involves potentially deadly mouth-to-penis contact, apart from an obvious textbook definition of sexual abuse.

If you want to hear an actual commentary of this horrific, barbaric, and criminal act, click here.

Since the Rabbi has incomplete information about the risks of circumcision, you can read that here at neonatalcutting.org.

Rabbi Berkowitz’ practice information follows:

96 Hillside Rd.

Stamford Hill,

London N15 6NB.

Tel: 020 8800 4724
Mobile: 07956 55 37 64
E-mail: rabbidaniel@circumcisionsmohel.co.uk

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