Questions, questions, questions….

Around this time of year I’m usually on vacation. One of my favorite things to do when I have spare time such as this is to muse. To mull. To cogitate. In other words to question. Here in no particular order are questions which are ‘bubbling up to the surface’.

I offer them as they pertain to men’s lives and answers may benefit not just myself, but MRAs in general.

Women in western nations live on average about 6 – 7 years longer than men. As a result women get an old age pension for many years more than men.  Wouldn’t  it be fair then for both men and women to get a pension for the last 10 years of their respective average lifespans instead?  If not, Why not?

Women are graduating in many more numbers than men from western universities. When will the media start asking young men en masse themselves why they aren’t investing in University Education instead of reporting journalists’ theories?

25 million men in Sub Saharan Africa are being pressured by a United Nations campaign to get their penises mutilated in the name of specious ‘science’ contested by prominent urologists. A lot of foreskins go into women’s face cream. Oprah Winfrey uses such creams. How long before someone puts up a Facebook protest page called “Time for Oprah to lose face”?

With many men ghettoized by feminized education and employment policies, will we see Chicago 1968 style riots? How long before we see a marked rise in the number of male street gangs which are the only form of ‘family’ left to increasing numbers of alienated young men. Will America have to build even more prisons?

With increasing numbers of men voluntarily downshifting who’s going to pay the taxes needed for all those women’s programs? Will women start fighting each other over who should foot the bill?

With perhaps as many as 1000 military bases worldwide and the highest rate of imprisonment ever seen in history, when will America stop being at war both internally and externally? Almost every month I come across some supposed new war reportedly happening in USA – The war on drugs, the war on immigrants, the war on women, the war on poverty, the war on corruption (fill in your own blanks). When are we going to get the war on war? Or is that too esoteric and there’s a dumbed-down population?

When the safe effective non-hormonal male pill goes on stream, will women with their greater numbers of university degrees be reduced to the next proletariat?

When the safe effective non-hormonal male pill goes on stream, how will the sperm strike affect society? Will society accept men’s demands for equal rights or attempt some form of totalitarian control of men’s bodies to extract the sperm?

As robotics and automation in general take increasing numbers of manufacturing and service industry jobs from people, how will people get money to buy what those robots produce?

For how much longer will wealth be increasingly concentrated in the hands of owners of robots /automated human-less production systems? What about the rest of the folks?

How long will it take for people to comfortably identify themselves as part machine – androids rather than purely biological beings?

Futurist Alvin Toffler predicted Knowledge will supersede Capital as the most valuable commodity. That’s because Capital itself doesn’t make money until ideas/Knowledge is applied to capital.  Is society stratifying into different knowledge classes? Will tech savvy men therefore come out on top despite education systems being so feminized?

What if men start to copyright their sperm DNA?

With increasing numbers of men alone and aging will we see more of them banding together into all male retirement communities? Will women try to crash into those too?

Will a group of men start a class action lawsuit for sexual harassment against a major advertising company using unwanted sexual provocation in attempts to sell products?

When feminism is defeated and families much less fractured than now, how will corporations sell so many appliance and gadgets as they do currently do to massive numbers of smaller households each of which has a fridge, washer, TV etc?

With increasing Atheism, will nihilism increase as a problem? Will Paris Hilton become the female norm?

How many men will be slaughtered for entertainment in Kill Bill 4?  10,000?  100,000?

What happens when increasing numbers of men realize female flirting is all too often a ruse used in order to suck valuable information out of them – and then clam up and politely stop problem solving for women? Will women stop allowing themselves to be infantilized, woman up and solve their own problems without played intellectual white knights saving them so often?

With more and more men going their own way instead of being  as author Herb Golberg describes it “in harness” to women, will we see another cultural renaissance as excess male energy gets sublimated into the arts, philosophy, science and technology?

How will women’s psychology change as their biologically driven shit testing of males is increasingly resisted by men who by necessity increasingly look out for themselves and each other? Will there be a period of increased female mental illness until they adjust? Will cat and chocolate sales soar?

How long before we see large scale protests from the global community about the use of USA drones for surveillance and military operations which deny sovereignty to the countries they fly over?

Will politicians sympathetic to feminism use drones of all sizes from small insect size to plane size to profile groups of males? How strongly will police and military use of drones be challenged as an invasion of privacy?

How will various governments react to the inexorable spread outside of Japan of the Grasseater philosophy held by millions of younger Japanese men?

Now, where did I put that remote?

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