Planned outage for AVfM


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Just a short note to let you all know A Voice for Men’s entire site (front page, forums, and all the rest) will be going down starting at about 5:30 AM Central Time (US)  on Tuesday July 23rd–tomorrow morning at this writing.

A Voice for Men’s servers will be undergoing scheduled maintenance for approximately 1 hour, or, with any luck, less than that (small chance of longer but doubtful). All is well, remain calm, no need to send us panicked emails or worry about hackers or anything else, there’s a hard drive issue and a few other minor things that just have to be done and are being handled by competent professionals who know what they’re doing.

With any luck we’ll be down and back quick enough most of you will never even notice it happened.

Nothing more to see here, move along. 😉

Update:  There was an unplanned outage that lasted about two minutes at approximately 1225 CDT today (July 22) which appeared to be a network issue with our hosting company.  This had nothing to do with the scheduled maintenance due for tomorrow, which we expect to go ahead as planned.


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